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Why you should consider a career in Mass Communication

Why you should consider a career in Mass Communication

Benefits of studying Journalism and Mass Communication

Do you want to fearlessly bombard the ministers with questions that make them restless or act in a state of terror or in a place devastated by a storm? This is the world of media... It's exciting and exciting. And technology has changed the way media is consumed, whether it's reading the morning newspaper or watching the news on TV at night, or on your smartphone, Twitter or other social apps, opening up journalism. A variety of career opportunities.

Studying journalism and mass communication will help you achieve your lofty dreams. Not only does this increase your chances of getting a ticket in the newsroom, but it is also useful in other areas such as communications, marketing, education and entertainment.

What is journalism and mass communication?

Journalism is the activity of collecting, evaluating, creating and presenting news and information. Always write about the latest developments. Mass communication is the study of the dissemination of information through various media to a large audience.

We are all connected to each other through networks of different media. Be it the latest news from around the world or the results of cricket, we know. It is all because of the media and technology. Mass communication is nothing but the dissemination of information to a large number of people, i.e. the whole country or the world.

While mass communication is the dissemination of information, journalism is concerned with the collection and dissemination of information through print and electronic media. These are different areas of work such as reporting, writing, editing, photography, broadcasting or information via cable. Journalism involves researching, analyzing and reporting on events, trends, current events, etc., both locally and globally.


Why should you pursue a Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication?

Studying Journalism and Mass Communication provides an opportunity to work with/with creative, well-educated people who inspire you to do well. The reach of the media sector is increasing and there is never a dearth of job opportunities. Taste name, fame and money and travel even during work.

Scope and career prospects of journalism and mass communication

With the increasing popularity of mass media, the number of candidates is increasing in the field of journalism and mass communication. Their reach in India is huge. If you do this in your area, you can partner with some of the best publishers, production companies, news stations, radio stations or public relations firms in the country.

Career in mass communication:–

1. Television

The post-pandemic era created a growing demand for producers and creative directors in the entertainment industry. For those of you who have a habit of entertaining people through movies, then this profile is for you. You can immerse yourself in the world of media and explore many profiles including TV and film directors and producers. Professionals with this title can match, among other things, the profiles of screenwriters, video editors, 3D designers, graphic and animation developers.

2. Journalist

Journalism is the most common career option after studying J&M. It equips the candidates with all the necessary journalistic skills and knowledge and helps them to effectively communicate the true story to the masses.

3. Digital Marketing Specialist

The J&M degree provides students with the necessary skills for a rapidly growing career in digital marketing. In today's technology-driven world, you can experience a variety of career paths in specialized fields such as SEO, SEM, content writing, graphic design, email marketing, business marketing, social media, inbound marketing, and web analytics.

4. PR Specialist

The J&M degree will provide you with excellent communication, negotiation, interpersonal and managerial skills that are best suited for positions in the public relations sector.

5. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you will work and share ideas as today's generation spends most of their time on social media. As a social media manager, you are responsible for creative endeavors at all times, from announcements to events, charities and video sharing.

6. Content Creator / Developer

Various digital channels use media, organizations, companies and agencies to create content. You can become a journalist, you can become an artist or a sports journalist and write about events. You can also opt for corporate branding material.

7. Radio Jockey (RJ)

Radio jockeys are an emerging field with a wide variety of career opportunities. With a J&K degree, you will acquire a range of skills and learn a knack for different aspects of communication and storytelling, creativity, innovative thinking and much more.

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