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What will social media look like in the future?

What will social media look like in the future?

Twenty-five years ago, it was difficult or even nearly impossible to imagine that channels called social networks would emerge, in which people would share their personal experiences with thousands of individuals around the world.

Today, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat represent the most used social networks around the world.

With all this success, it's hard to imagine what social media will look like in the future. Is it possible to make them even more dynamic? Will the focus of these channels change? Will companies continue to explore the functionalities of social media for business?

To answer these and other questions about the future of social media, we have produced a brief overview that points out some of the trends for the coming years. Check out!

Live broadcasts

Facebook recently released a feature that allows users to stream their videos live. With this, the platform has become an extension for news portals to disclose in real time what happens in the world and traditional TV news. Furthermore, live has become an even more valuable channel for the interaction of digital natives – people who were born or grew up in the 21st century amidst technological resources.

According to the creator of the network, Mark Zuckerberg, the idea is to enhance this function, improving the quality of the video for those who watch it and making the transmission even more practical for those who do. Recorded and edited videos could lose ground in the coming years with the popularity and expansion of live.


Another trend that you are starting to see on social networks is bots. With them, when we send a message to a company via the social network, we will receive efficient automatic responses to the point of eliminating the need to make calls to customer service centers.

Interestingly, these bots use aspects of artificial intelligence, ensuring that they can clarify doubts and even help customers complete the online shopping process.

Virtual reality

Anyone who thinks that virtual reality technology will be limited to video games is wrong. With the evolution of virtual reality glasses, which, in the future, will certainly be smaller, it will be possible for users of the main social network in the world, Facebook, to see images in augmented reality, giving a futuristic touch to the channel.

Although it is already in Facebook's plans for the next 10 years, the company has not yet made any investment in this regard.

Social responsibility

Social networks reflect all the technological advances achieved by society and, therefore, they also have to encompass actions of a social nature. For example, there are already studies of artificial intelligence that aim to help blind people to read photographs. Another project aims to facilitate the diagnosis of diseases, such as skin cancer, through the analysis of photos of the patient.

Today's article shows you some points that indicate what the future of social media will look like, which will even transform customer service.

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