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The importance of Video Marketing in social networks

The importance of Video Marketing in social networks

One of the most powerful ways to promote yourself on the Internet is through Video Marketing. In the very visual era in which we find ourselves, where people bypass reading content as much as possible due to the pace with which the social networks flow, a video becomes an ideal medium to entertain consumers.

Video Marketing has the power to capture attention and make everything you want to say more flexible in a few words.

In social networks, its impact is increasing. It was precisely the communication and press company Playground, one of the pioneers in turning the video format into a substantial way of reaching readers to broaden the agency's corporate goals.

For this reason, following the same Video Marketing model, many companies have managed to redefine themselves and reach larger customers around the world.

Where to start with Video Marketing?

When creating video marketing, the essential thing is to be clear about the concept you want to sell and reach the hearts of your viewers. Therefore, it is more than necessary to establish a framework of clear ideas and then synthesize them in short sentences.

Once these phrases are clear, we then proceed to associate these with images or short videos that stimulate and win the affection of customers. Thus, video marketing consists of selling the product or service directly through the stimulation offered by the sequence of images.

The important thing is to show the benefits of the service, the costs and the facilities so that the product reaches the user's home, or so that they are encouraged to go out to visit that beautiful cafe that you have in the city.

If, for example, your company is in charge of selling desserts, then one way to express your commercial message is to create a range of videos and images that portray the entire menu that you have available.

In general, these types of videos have a maximum duration of 45 to 90 seconds, an ideal time to capture the attention of the viewer without getting bored. It is also essential to keep in mind that the video has all the corporate aesthetics and beauty of the service you offer so that customers perceive your commitment to your commercial brand.

How to produce inexpensive professional videos?

A wide range of software can help you create videos, be it Camtasia, Sony Vegas, or Microsoft Video Maker, which is the oldest. One of the most favorites is the Sony Vegas that is quite desired by the Youtubers of the moment and by entertainment companies when it comes to producing soap operas and series.

However, professional programs that can give you a hand and carry out the editing process in the shortest time are Creaza Movie Editor, WeVideo, Youtube editor, among others.

What platform do I host my video on?

Now, one of the most important steps, when the idea of ​​video marketing is well structured, is the place where it will be uploaded and sponsored. At the moment, the best platforms to do so are Facebook and YouTube, given the simplicity of how these videos can be replicated through the sharing system.

If you add it to another platform such as Vimeo or Dailymotion, rest assured that the impact will be much less, starting because communication and traffic generation is less extensive in these sectors. These platforms are concerned with hosting your video, but they are actually scenarios of low participation and popularity among users.

What media do I use to broadcast my video?

This is another point in favor that Facebook and YouTube have, the possibility of contracting the Ads service, or advertising. This leads the platforms to take charge of publishing and republishing the message until it successfully reaches the stipulated number of users.

Yes, the task of spreading it can be achieved by motivating users to share it and sending emails to contact lists, such as the emailing technique. But you should keep in mind that YouTube's Facebook Ads or Adwords system has the potential to amplify views and dissemination.

In a sense, in this phase of video marketing, you must bear in mind that your ambition will be to "viralize" the originality of the video. Of course, many videos go viral by sheer luck, but in the case of companies, success is usually stimulated by injections of money to disseminate content on the network.

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