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Mini Session vs. Custom Photography- Everything you need to know!

Mini Session vs. Custom Photography- Everything you need to know!

Having finally agreed to engage a photographer for your family, the next step is deciding between a little photoshoot and an extended family portrait session. How do you choose between the two? In this piece, I'll discuss the differences between each of them and assist you in determining which one may be the best fit for your family's needs.

It is the length of time that is spent on each session that distinguishes these two sorts of sessions from one another. Mini sessions are often far shorter in duration than a traditional picture session. They can last anything from five minutes to more than 30 minutes in duration.

Mini Sessions are often limited to a small number of digital photos. You might expect as little as one or two digital photographs or as many as thirty digital images depending on your needs. Some short sessions, on the other hand, charge a session price that does not include anything other than the session time, and any digital photographs or items that are produced are an extra purchase.

You'll discover that each photographer's mini sessions will be unique in terms of what they offer and how long the session will go, so check with them beforehand. Just make sure to read the fine print to find out exactly what is and isn't included in the package.

So, what are Mini Sessions Exactly?

Mini sessions are usually themed workshops for specific festivals or seasons. A few of them will have props and a beautifully furnished location in a studio or outside, while others will not include any props at all. You can have photographs with Santa and on a Christmas tree farm throughout the holidays, and in the spring, you may book Easter and spring-themed sessions in a studio or outside.

Mini sessions are sometimes reserved just for children and do not include the entire family as a whole. Occasionally, they only include the children when they are with their mother or father, which is typical around Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrations. When confronted with this option, one of the most important issues for families to consider is the financial aspect. In most places, it is not difficult to locate a large number of photographers that provide reasonably priced small sessions throughout the year.

Benefits of Mini Sessions

A mini session is typically far less expensive than a full session, which may encourage a family to choose for a little session rather than a custom session for their family. However, if your financial situation permits it, you should really consider examining your alternatives a bit more thoroughly.

Many parents choose for a small session because they believe that their child would be unable to maintain their attention for more than 10-15 minutes in a traditional session. While this may be true, it's also crucial to examine the type of photography style you're contemplating while making this decision. For those who are envisioning an hour-long photo session where they must behave, remain still, and smile for the camera, a small session may be a better option.

Benefits of Custom Photography Sessions

A custom lifestyle or documentary picture session with a photographer, on the other hand, does not require your children to pose and smile and behave for an hour or more! When working with families, some photographers encourage them to run, play, and even get a little rough with each other and have a good time. They want children to have a good time, even if it causes mayhem, and want them to be themselves by relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Oftentimes, a small session may result in your youngsters smiling with artificial and "cheesy" expressions on their faces. For parents, a brief session can also be a source of anxiety and frustration. In certain cases, 10 to 15 minutes is not enough time to relax and grin with your newborn or toddler. Mini sessions often have stringent time limitations, and you are not permitted to stay above your given time slot.

This might be difficult if you spend the first ten minutes of your session trying to get your six-month-old to stop sobbing or your four-year-old to stop running away from you. Having a custom session can be less stressful for both parents and children since it allows for plenty of time to work on relaxing and smiling techniques with them.

Major Drawbacks of Mini Sessions

According to my personal opinion, 15 to 25 minutes is insufficient time for a family picture session. Instead, I would love to spend more time with families and get to know them better. The opportunity to talk with people and help them to relax and loosen up so they can have fun and be themselves is something I look forward to every day. In addition, I enjoy being able to get down on your child's level and converse with them for a few minutes before taking my first photograph of them.

Mini sessions are certainly appropriate in some situations, and they are a fantastic choice if you are working with a limited budget and want current and reasonably priced photographs of your loved ones and children. You may also think about alternating custom sessions with small sessions every two years or so, or perhaps doing one of every year.


So, as we can see that both mini sessions as well as custom photography sessions have their own benefits and drawbacks. It’s finally up-to the customers on what they exactly need that day!

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