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How To Use Linked In For Marketing Your Business Or Craft

How To Use Linked In For Marketing Your Business Or Craft

LinkedIn is a bit strange as a social media platform. It is part of job search site, recruiting app, social media platform and professional networking site. It contains more personal information about you than any other medium. Almost no one on Twitter or Instagram knows where you went or what organizations you volunteer for, but all of this information is for your contacts on LinkedIn.

So applying on LinkedIn is a little different. While sharing top updates in the comments and interacting with your network is always an important part of an overall marketing strategy, there are a few other things you can try.

1. Optimize your personal profile

No matter what type of company you want to promote on LinkedIn, it all starts with your personal profile. To attract partners and prospects, you need an engaging profile that tells people exactly what you're up to and gives them a reason to connect with you.

2. Create a Company Page

If you are a marketer, business owner or entrepreneur, you need a business page. A LinkedIn company page allows you to tell a little more about your business to your prospects, partners, and strangers.

A business page functions just like your personal page. Your name and logo will appear at the top along with a follow button. In the About Us section below, explain who he is, what he does, and include a link to his website.

In the About section, focus on the problems it solves and the benefits it brings. Google indexes the first 156 characters of your description. Therefore, make your LinkedIn business page user-friendly and easy to find by starting with the important elements.

It also makes it easier to find using LinkedIn Search.

Show us what's going on behind the scenes - what are you working on!? If someone follows your company on LinkedIn, they probably want to know. Take a photo, write an update or upload a short video.

Sharing Industry News: What's New and Exciting in Your Field? What do people need to know? tell us

Ask Questions - Successful engagement on social media depends on conversation. Get to know your audience, their needs, challenges and interests by asking interesting questions. This will help you create strong content and position you as someone who cares (great for building trust).

3. Post on LinkedIn

Despite being declared dead many times, the art of writing a blog post that engages your audience, solves a problem, and teaches something exciting plays an important role in content marketing.

When it comes to creating posts, you have two main routes. You can redistribute an existing blog post and repost it to LinkedIn, or write a new post that answers a question or fixes an issue your ideal LinkedIn connection is struggling with. .

4. Be Active in LinkedIn Groups

Get your name out there, market your business, and build an old-fashioned network by joining a relevant LinkedIn group. Like Facebook groups, there is something for everyone.

It takes time and effort to build a good reputation and build strong relationships. So be a little careful about joining the group. Join active groups that are having real conversations, and beware of groups that only need to self-apply - if the last 10 posts have low engagement, this group is unlikely to help you.

5. Post Interesting Updates

Updates are the forgotten heroes of social media. This is how we communicate with our connections. Therefore, one of the most cliche and widely used tips to promote your brand is to write great updates. Absolutely amazing news flash - it works.

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