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How to start a photography business

How to start a photography business

Are you interested in earning an income doing what you like, and setting up a photography business is an idea that catches your eye? Well, although setting up a studio is a very valid idea, the truth is that this is a sector that has undergone major transformations in recent years, starting with the format that went from analog to digital. So the strategy to generate income from photography has also changed, although its principles as a technique are preserved, and the statement: "the camera does not make the photographer" continues to have the same validity as in the past.

Recommendations before setting up a photography business

Focus: Keep in mind that the skills for a type of pet photography business are different from those of social events, so you must be aware in which field specifically it is in which you operate best, so that you learn about its particularities and practice as much as you can, specializing.

Develop your knowledge: the equipment is important when setting up a photography business, but your skills are also important, so you must be open to the possibility of perfecting your techniques and that these go beyond the management of ISO or shutter speed. For example, the concepts in composition and lighting. For this you can attend photography workshops and courses in your city and even on the internet, there are websites that offer them.

In the same way, you can consider the possibility of subscribing to a club or association so that you stay in contact with the medium, either for your training, obtain agreements for discounts on photographic equipment, or as networks that strengthen your photography business.

Familiarize yourself with the equipment: know the strengths and weaknesses of your camera. Also, define what type of equipment you will start your photography business, depending on the approach you choose. Periodically, check that each of the accessories you handle is in optimal condition.

Familiarize yourself with technology: With the rise of technology, it is also essential that you know the management of some digital editing and retouching program that currently exist on the market: there are even free ones. But do not be guided by fads, find out about the approach they have, the type of license they handle, and whether or not they give you what you need, in your photographic business.

Promote your photography business: even if it is not through a physical location, it is necessary that you have some kind of presence and an effective way is through the internet so that they know your work. Either through social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr; because you have your own website or both.

Remember to protect your images with a watermark if necessary and read the terms and conditions of the sites you use.

How to generate income when starting a photography business

As in any other type of venture, when you consider the possibility of setting up a photography business, it is important that you make a business plan, according to the strategy you define:

Photographic studio for events: be it business, weddings, birthdays, fifteen years or anniversaries, or even product photography. These are the most traditional ways to earn income from photography. If you do not have your own equipment, you can have an agreement with a local photographic laboratory so that you can process photographs that will be printed.

Affiliate or create an image bank: in the process, you organize your work portfolio. In general terms, the way these sites operate is by the commission, and although it is a minimum amount, you earn every time someone downloads your photo, the value of which will depend on the type of license required. Usually, when you reach a figure that they establish, it is transferred to PayPal or by check. In any case, you must read the terms and conditions for the sale of images.

Some of these sites are: Shutterstock, DepositPhotos, Fotolia, Istockphoto, Dreamstime.

If that idea does not sound like you, you can establish your own download site, which will require a higher investment and extra technical advice for its assembly, maintenance, and security.

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