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How to record a video yourself

How to record a video yourself

If you want to record a video to start with your video marketing strategy but have no other possibilities than doing it yourself, this post is for you. Here we offer you some tips to configure your camera and ensure accurate shots that give you the guarantee of achieving a great video to publish, on social networks and on your brand's website, that content that your audience is waiting for.

3 tips for recording a video by yourself

Choose a space and design your set. Although you do not need a studio or an exclusive place to record your videos, it is good that you have a room or a quiet room where you can prepare to record a video for your business or company. To prepare it, put a plant and a sofa as the background of the shot, a library or shelves with books and some elements that give personality to the scene can also be used. Now that you have created an aesthetically pleasing and appropriate environment, you can assemble the equipment you need to shoot your videos.

Assemble the equipment in a practical way

To record a video, it is only more comfortable to do it sitting down, you are not in the environment of a professional set where, while standing, you can move more freely. Put your chair next to a table or desk where you can support your computer or laptop. It will come in handy to spy on the script or those lines that you wrote as a memory aid so as not to forget anything you have prepared as content.

Mount the camera on a tripod and place it below that table, an arm's length away and just slightly above the line of your eyes. This closeness will allow you to connect a microphone, a cannon-type one mounted on the camera is a great option to get the best sound for your video. But first, connect it to an audio recorder and from there use another cable to connect it to the camera. Also to connect a second screen, if you do not have a camera with a folding screen, since if you can see yourself it is easier to configure the shot and get a better result when recording a video alone. And, if you do not have natural light coming from behind the camera, place reflectors on its sides to achieve balanced lighting.

Record a short shot to make sure that everything is in place, that there is nothing to distract the viewer's attention, check the shot on your computer screen and, if necessary, make any final adjustments before starting the shot. Now you can close the door and start rolling.

Optimize your shots for easy editing

When you have to shoot a video by yourself, you are the presenter and also the director. So if you're not very motivated, try to improve your mood, so you don't sound too dull. Listen to that cheer-up music and do some liberating moves before facing the camera. And, when you're already recording, if you get a good shot, make a stop or signal to indicate where it is, this will make your job easier when you have to edit it. Whether it is a video where you show yourself throughout the script or include images of B-roll.

On the other hand, and depending on the camera you have, you can have the job even easier. Because cameras with an automatic focus optimize the shot of your face when you bring it closer to the lens in the same way as when you move it away. And, if your camera has built-in WiFi with the possibility of remote recording from an application, download it to your mobile and use it as a remote. This will also help you forget the difficulties of shooting a solo video.

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