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How to make a video hit social media? Expert gives 6 tips

How to make a video hit social media? Expert gives 6 tips

Do you know how to make a video hit the internet? It may seem difficult, but it isn't: just knowing how to use the tools you have at your disposal.

Attention to framing, angles, attention to lighting, content planning and final editing. These are just some of the things that go into answering the question "how to make a successful video for social media?".

But the solution to this problem need not be as complex as the answer. Anyone who wants to know how to make a video hit the networks simply needs to pay attention to a few tips.

How to make a successful video with just your cell phone

A successful video on social media does not mean exponential expenses with first-rate equipment such as cameras, tripods, microphones, and editing programs. Nowadays, cell phones are more than enough to make a quality viral video.

"Just use all the phone's features correctly and take advantage of the fact that nowadays there are several editing, effects, and image or sound capture applications."

Watch the sound

Speaking of sound capture, it is important to be very careful with this when recording videos. "It's more common than it sounds for a voice to go too low in an interview or for audio to burst into a louder bass," notes the Firework spokesperson.

And to avoid this, you don't have to pull your hair out. A second cell phone close to the person who is speaking may be enough, or you can buy an external microphone that is compatible with cell phones.

Shoot horizontally or vertically?

Now that you've solved the device and sound capture issue, it's time to worry about the image. And when it comes to that, one of the most common questions is: should the video be shot vertically or horizontally?

However, this is not a question with a correct answer. It all depends on the type of content you are thinking of making. For example, with the boom of Instagram Stories, vertical videos became less frowned upon and gained more appeal with internet users.

This is not to say, however, that you can shoot vertically as you please. As the field of view will be smaller than a horizontal video, you need to pay careful attention to angles and editing to not look repetitive or even sloppy.

So if you're thinking about making a "heavier" video, like shooting a landscape or shooting something against a backdrop, it's best to go horizontal.

Think about audience engagement

Keeping your audience entertained and engaged, especially if you want to hit social media, is just as important as quality image and sound to understanding how to make a successful video. And the key in this item is paying attention to the content and ensuring the viewer feels involved.

Programs and characters that interact with their audience end up having fantastic results in terms of audience retention, especially when they manage to turn part of the content into games, into questions and answers.

So if you want to have a loyal and growing audience, it's a good idea to plan well what will go into your narrative, and how you're going to make it captivate the viewer.

How to make a tips video or tutorial

Since the subject is audience engagement, it's worth thinking about two of the most common contents of videos on social media: tips and tutorials, which teach users how to do something or improve something in their daily lives.

Regardless of the structure and subject of your video, it's important to always put yourself in the place of the layperson, the one who doesn't understand anything, or almost nothing, about the topic.

Use and abuse mobile editing features

You already know how to make a video to hit the networks, but there's still one step left: editing. Luckily for you, nowadays, numerous programs and applications, including mobile ones, will allow you to edit your content right after shooting.

Another benefit of editing with mobile is that apps with some specific filters can make the whole thing more dynamic. So just grab your smartphone, memorize these tips on how to make a successful video, and start shooting.

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