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How To Find An Intern

How To Find An Intern

There are many reliable resources you can use to find qualified interns in your industry. Using these reliable sources can help you find an experienced intern faster.

Here are some places where you can find qualified interns:

post to local outlet

1. Post on your company's career page

Your company likely has a website that lists job vacancies in various teams. Post the job posting on your company's career page as soon as it is posted. This is beneficial because it may be the first place when potential interns are interested in your company. Posting on your careers page is also a low-cost way to announce that you are getting hired and allows potential candidates to see other opportunities at your company.

2. Share job postings on social media.

Your company may have dedicated social media accounts that they use to share updates with your audience. A large number of potential candidates can be reached through these accounts. Share the post on your company's social media accounts or your own personal accounts to reach a wider audience and make your post visible.

Sharing a link to your company's career page with a more detailed job description can drive more traffic to your company's website. You can also let others know that they may be looking for internships or other job opportunities in your company in the future.

3. Ask for References

Get recommendations from your friends, colleagues and colleagues as they can introduce you to a deserving candidate who will be shortlisted who will be a good fit for your team and organization. Most likely, your friends and coworkers will recommend candidates they think meet the expectations of the job. Make sure that the candidates you are referring to actually have all the professional qualifications in terms of skills, experience and education.

4. Post on career websites and internship tips.

Share interns' posts outside of your company's careers page on other career sites like Indeed to get a larger pool of candidates tailored to your specific needs.

5. Attend Career Fairs

Many companies, local universities, career websites or other organizations sponsor career fairs. You can use these events to spark more interest in internships in your team. Attend local career fairs where you can talk to potential candidates and meet them in a less formal setting before an interview at your company. While you may have to pay to participate in the program, it can be beneficial to your team as you meet candidates in person and get a feel for their personalities.

6. Contact Local Schools

Many local schools, such as universities, community colleges and high schools, have career advice centers or career advice centers that you can connect with qualified applicants. If you are looking for interns without a college degree, high schools can put you in contact with young professionals. Rather, colleges can put you in contact with college graduates with more specialized skills.

Whether it's a local high school or college, finding an intern at a local school can help you find a qualified candidate. Vocational guidance or mentoring centers can ensure that the intern you are hired has the appropriate experience.

7. Publish in local media

Search additional candidates from the internet and meet the candidates in person by posting in your city. Consider posting a job in the classifieds section of a newspaper or posting a flyer at a local grocery store. This can help you find local candidates interested in the opportunity at your company. If they are local then it will be easier for you as you will not have to wait for them to settle in the area.

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