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6 years ago I created a Facebook page called Freddy D'Angelo Studios to post my music on.

Music lead to me studying how to film my own music videos. Which lead to me buying my first camera. Woulda never known 6 years later that this would be a legit thing.

My least favorite time a day is when I have to sleep because it takes me away from chasing this list of goals in my note book.

I'm not perfect. I'm by far not even the best. I'm just someone enjoying a craft that helps me escape.

I physically meet my clients, I answer calls/emails/messages all times of day, I show up on time to shoots, I try to make people smile even when I'm having a bad day, I take soo much time to try to teach &help others that honestly leave me with little time to do anything else outside of work.

Nothing can stop me from chasing this vision. Ima give it 100% because you get one shot #dreams #dedication #presistence #planning #takingaction

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