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Hi, my name is Fred Dickerson Jr. and I am a twenty-four year old artist from St. Louis, Missouri. Though I now spend the majority of my time behind the lens of a camera, my career stems from a years-long passion and appreciation for music. 
At the age of nine, I learned how to play piano, and from there, moved to guitar. I’d sit for hours playing the same riffs to Smoke on the Water and Iron Man thinking how cool it would be to make create sounds of my own. As the years passed, I branched out and began experimenting with other instruments, and at age thirteen, I joined my first band. Accompanied by my father and uncles, we toured and played weekly shows until I was seventeen, at which time I began my solo career. 
Though I enjoyed music, I felt as though I hadn’t the means to capture the images that I wanted to accompany the sounds I would make. My freshman year of college, I decided to invest what money I had into my first DSLR camera and spent hours upon hours creating instrumentations and recording song lyrics just so I could film myself performing and try to bring to life the accompanying concepts in my head. 
After a few years of experimentation, I decided to take a giant step and attempt to photograph concerts. I’ll never forget that first show and the energy I felt trying to capture the moment. From that night on, I set a goal to one day shoot photos of my idols in the music industry. Two years of touring later, and I have accomplished that goal.
Today, I tour the USA working various concerts and events, and offer my photography services locally as well. However, I have now shifted my goals from personal to communal, and focus on developing artists and helping those who also have a dream. 
I firmly believe there is nothing more amazing than seeing someone reach the goals they have set. If you dedicate your life to your passion, you are fully capable of achieving anything that you can dream of. 


One Love,

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- Firepower | Datsik
- B&W Productions | Disco Donnie
- Kill Your Ego | Run Dmt
- Win Productions | Pwin
-Global Music Broadcasting inc
-Firepower | JPhelpz
- Do314
- Talent Plus
-Th3rd Brain
-Kevin Gates | Reach Audio
- Mike Judy Presents
-The Megan Meier Foundation



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At Freddy D’Angelo Studios, our business model is centered on three things:

Communication, Quality, and Adaptability. Communication is crucial to any working relationship. We understand the value of your input and it is our goal to keep our customers informed every step of the way. We utilize team-building and techniques learned by Freddy while pursuing a degree in Mass Communications to ensure our customers the best photography and videography experience. We guarantee that in choosing FDS, your project will reach its fullest potential. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. At FDS, we use full-frame cameras and our staff is fully trained in manual camera settings. This allows for the highest quality photographs and videos, regardless of where the shot takes place. Whether we are working with one person or an audience of forty-thousand, FDS is able to capture content in any environment. With three years of concert photography and videography under our belt, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to bring your vision to life. We also understand that some projects are time-sensitive and require adaptability and flexibility. Your memories are important to us. Let us capture them, and you’ll never miss a thing.

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